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Why I Blog


I have a story to share.

It is long. It is a rollercoaster of emotions. It will take time.

It is sad and happy; but most importantly, hopeful.

If I didn’t live the life I do today (one that most would liken to a fairytale) then I don’t know how willing I would have been to share the rest.

It is hard to be vulnerable- to open yourself up to judgment and criticism.

I believe everyone has a story to tell. Whether that story is big or small, everyone has an impact on this world.

I am choosing to share mine via this small space.

I hope this space will one day prove to be the best documented story of our lives to my children and husband- so that they can look back and see how insanely in love with them I am.

I also hope this space is a place that provides hope and inspiration to those who need it… because I have also been in need- many times.

My story is a bit different than most blogs that I have been drawn to.

Mine starts from much further below what most would consider their rock bottom. I could never have imagined being blessed the way I am today and hopefully there is inspiration in my story to the people out there that cant seem to envision a way out.

I started reading wife and mom blogs around the time I started nursing scho0l- the fall of 2010.

As I was walking through my first year of marriage, I became engrossed with other wives stories.

When I became pregnant the semester before the hardest courses of my training, mom blogs became a crucial crutch in my mental stability.

After I chose to leave my career as a cardiac nurse three months in to stay with my sick baby, I realized that I needed a place to be a part of.

I found myself here


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