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Posted on: Wednesday, September 4, 2013




I found this fun, festive cake tutorial here.




Sometimes I complain. About really insignificant things.

It’s embarrassing to admit.

Often in the middle of a rant, I catch myself.. and immediately I am overcome with shame as I feel my face grow hot.

What a life I live as an American woman.

I don’t pretend to comprehend all of the heart aches of this world.

I don’t understand why people make some of the choices they do- in our country and in others.

We live in scary times. Are they scarier than the times before us? Or is the media just more readily able to publicize the evils of this world?

I have been asked (and often wondered myself) by many friends if I feel it is wrong to want to bring children into such a cruel world?

I desperately want to grow my family and believe that is what God wants for my life.

I cant allow myself to live in fear of what could potentially come. I can only be aware and hand my fear over to Him as I walk through it. This is easier said than done- this is a continuing process in my daily life. I hand something over and then catch myself thinking obsessing about it a little while later only to stop and hand it over again- luckily, I have a God who knows my heart and loves me even when I don’t understand.




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